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Fighting for fairness, opportunity and equal pay: that’s the work of the Fight Back Fund.

We are tens of thousands of workers who are standing up for middle class families by standing up to politicians and profiteers who seek to serve their own special interests rather than the greater good.

Our victories in Illinois have led to rejection of local so-called “right to work” laws and passage of the Safe Roads Amendment, which ensures that money raised to improve the state’s infrastructure is spent doing just that (and not on politicians’ pet projects). In Indiana, we’ve forced the Governor to fund needed repairs to congested and unsafe highways.

We’reĀ building more than roads, bridges and waterways: we’re building the middle class. We’re making sure all men and women receive equal pay for equal work. We’re fighting to raise wages for all workers.

Perhaps most of all, at a time of rising inequality and power consolidated by politicians and the richest 1%, we’re fighting to make sure the American Dream is still attainable to all who work hard.

We’re not done fighting back. We need your help. Join us!


To get in touch, email us atĀ [email protected]

Fight Back


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